Slightly off topic... locked myself out of my car today...

Slightly off topic… locked myself out of my car today… in the middle of nowhere… keys, coat, wallet, phone, credit card… inside the car… luckily I was wearing my D5, with sim card… phoned the emergency breakdown… hey presto!.. 30 minutes later I’m driving home…

Now THAT’S the “pay it forward” paying you back for all you give us. It’s how the Universe works. Tick Tock.

Nice to hear these good news stories :+1:

I echo what SmartWatchTicks said :wink:

So your D5 deserves treat from you, which means new Faces hahahaha

This would be the perfect treat for your D5. :joy:

Oh, it deserves something really colorful. Something that says, “I’m this guy’s watch and I’ve got his back” Something like this:

@SmartWatch_Ticks ​ your given link contains Google Play Store’s watch face which we can’t use, right?

@Faisal_Ahmed True, but somebody who knows what they are doing can reassemble this or any watch face from its component parts in a way that will work on our Android watches.

Sounds cool, you guys are awesome…