Six (6) days with my new Prime SE

After just six days, I’ve found a couple of bugs: 1) Google voice typing is hit-or-miss; and, 2) Weather is reported from “Lawrence” - wherever that is - rather than Sedona where live. Rebooting helps both.

Everything I’d hoped for. Light usage, mostly phone calls, even if the battery is down to 20%.

20% - SIX DAYS! :grinning: :100: :boom: - everything I hoped for (even if is bulkier than I would like…

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Great battery results :+1: . Good to hear . As for google assistant this is normal with watches that are under 2gb

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@Dr_Andy_Vishnu but google assistant works fine on PRIME SE? Or not?

It will not work 100% due to lower memory

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If it works occasionally, for me it will be nice. In smartphones, Google assistant not opening, in PRIME SE will open. Right?

I wouldnt take this risk personally

Gòogle assistant work fine on my prime se