Site issues today

Hi all,

We are experiencing issues with categories that have preview Images - like faces etc…

Please give us some time to get this fixed.

Sorry about this problem.



Please let us know if you still have any issues.
We think that the problem is resolved now, so any feedback would be good.


main forum is back … but no pictures … clcik topic and pics show

Clear the cache of your Browser. Then it should work.

Well I tried that several times … weird thing it works fine get pics. if I log out.
I login and get no pics :confused: weird

looks like the “dark” theme is not working … no pics …
if i use …rasc theme it shows pics …

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Thanks for reporting. We’ll check this.

I use firefox on Windows 10. I had issues for years when the list of watch faces loaded some would vanish after being displayed.

After clearing cache. I get no images now, unless I click on the post.

Still some tweaking to be done since the update…
Thanks :+1:


Now all themes should show the pictures.