Since my D5 decided to stop working,

Since my D5 decided to stop working, I decided to perform a dissection of the device to see what the inside looks like. I have completely taken it apart, and I was actually surprised by how well it was put together and how simple it was to take apart without damaging a single component in the process. If anyone has any question about what the inside looks like, let me know. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures whilst I was taking it apart, but it was quite straightforward. All that was needed, was a small philips screwdriver, and a soldering iron…

It would be great for the community if you could take as many photos as possible and we could make a gallery for others to benefit from your work :slight_smile:

Yes, please, @Theodoros_Mortis take pictures of your components, particularly the end of each band where they join to the watch body and the places where the bands actually attach to the watch’s innards. Lots of folks are trying to figure out how to successfully remove the bands, and your photos would be of great help!

We’ve actually all been hovering like a flock of vultures waiting for one of these watches to die and be dissected. If you plan to reassemble your watch, could you shoot photos of that process for us?

Thanks for sharing and enriching our community!

What is the best way of uploading pictures to a post? For the time being, I uploaded the pics on GDrive. They can be downloaded from here. Next item on my list would be to dissect the bands so I can see how far down the antennas go.

@Theodoros_Mortis Thanks very much :slight_smile: