Simple digital stopwatch. Because i need it simple and quick.

Simple digital stopwatch. Because i need it simple and quick.
Touch up where time is for start/pause and down where milliseconds are, for reset.
This is working with universal launcher. Format is .watch.

+Alessandro Limonta Do you have a solution for stopwatch function without this?

@Alessandro_Limonta I think this comunity need more than others. This is made to work so where you find something to be useful and to work? Why do i have to be limited to functions that clockskin maker can do?

@zsolt_m Cred ca altele sunt intentiile acestei comunitati. Sunteti un grup de oameni platiti sa oferiti suport pentru ceasurile chinezesti. Este normal sa reactionati cand vine vorba de concurenta. Nu mai e distractiv. Raman pasiv.

@zsolt_m ​ Oh come on… this is not a support… this is sharing. All what can run on this smartwatches shoud be here… no? What is the name of this comunity? You can do what you want with my post.

@Lucian_Adrian_Enache to get advice and support for .watch files - you need to go to WatchMaker or WatchAwear - and that is where the file should be posted - at You can leave a photo here and a link to there if you want. We have a section on WatchAwear.
Please understand that this forum is for Round Android Watches - not Android Wear watches. And we - currently have no support or methods to make .watch files.