Simple black&white watchface

Hi everybody.

Can anyone share with me a simple black&white watch face compatible with Universal Launcher, as AMOLED-friendly as possible, preferably with the battery and weather complications, possibly with heart rate and step.counter as well? Can be both analog or digital. My device is Kospet Optimus Pro. Thanks in advance

Hi . Have you looked through our clockskin section ?

Yeah, I’ve searched through them, but it’s so easy to get lost or miss something in a hundreds of skins… I just thought if somebody has its own favorite AMOLED skin he could point on it to me to try. Sorry if I posted in a wrong place or if it looks like I’m taking an easy way…

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Dear, Check this one…Great!Eric - Google Drive

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Thanx! Yea, its really AMOLED-friendly :sweat_smile: I’ve seen it somewhere before, its just static version of stock theme in UL, right? Its very ok, i just wouldnt mind a skin with battery and weather indicatiors