SIM Toolkit (STK)

I recently found out that the Kospet Prime 2, and most likely also the other A10 watches, is missing the SIM Toolkit. I don’t know much about it’s use cases, but myself I needed it for this norwegian thing called “BankID on mobile” which we use to log into our bank accounts, apply for scholarships, check our taxes etc. If anyone else needs or just wants the SIM Toolkit, you can get it here:

In the first versions of the international firmware the SIM Toolkit is installed by default and on those versions it is thus not needed to install it manually. In the international firmware from the 1st of June 21 aka V9.196.1 the SIM Toolkit is yet again not installed by default, however the APK above does not work for this version, so if you have this version or newer you will have to use the following APK instead: