Sim cover movement

Only noticed this a few days ago.

I have some lateral movement on the sim cover. Its secure but I doubt the gasket would do much to stop water or sweat getting in.

Could i seal it with silicone or similar?

Or would i be best to remove the back of the watch and seal the sim cover from inside and then replace the back?

I dont have a sim in it but wonder what the seal is like between the back of the watch and the main body. I don’t want to damage it.

Great watch though. Now my battery is trained I get about 30hours between any charging. I’m a light user though.

The seal on the sim cover is okay but not brilliant to stop sweat getting in . I would personally put tape over it as many users do.

Cheers Andy.

I may look at what tape I have lol. Better safe than sorry🙂

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