Sim card problem

Hello everyone, I’m me to kospet but impressed so far but I am having an issue. I bought the P2 but I cannot get the actual phone to work. My sim is nano 4g lte and active. When I install the sim it is recognized in the settings and the toolbar but where the cell signal is I only have a search symbol and when I call the number the watch does absolutely nothing at all. Any ideas before I make and send a video to kospet because I have reached out and that is what is required which is fine, just trying to avoid having to send back

Where do you live?

Chicago illinois

Which carrier is the cellular provider for the Sim Card you are using?

I have been using boost mobile for this past year

I asked which cell provider are you using. Specifically only GSM networks which includes T-Mobile or AT&T will work with your watch. Verizon will not work. I am not familiar with Boost mobile as I use Speed Talk Sim cards in my watches which run on the T-Mobile network and have never had a problem with them.

Okay, I’ll have to check into that. I didn’t really want to change providers but boost mobile Is cdma network it was originally a part of sprint network.

Just for your info, I purchase my Speed Talk Sim Cards on Amazon for $5 for 30 days with auto renewal. This provides either 250 minutes or 250 texts or 250mb of data or a combination of the 3 not to exceed 250 total. I find this sufficient for use with my watches. They offer larger inexpensive plans if you need them.

Okay cool thanks. I literally just paid my phone bill but I’m going to check that out. After some research I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re most likely right about the gsm network because I see no other reason for the watch to detect the sim card and give access to the options but not function when it is being called. Beside I really don’t wanna have to send it back, I’m not ashamed to say I’ve grown a little more than attached to it in the few days I’ve had it.

Thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated, will post update as soon as possible. You guys are doing great work here in this community. :v:t3:

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You should be able to stay with Boost if you want to, you just need to tell them to switch you over to the “expanded network” as they call it

I looked into that and might possibly be updating phone soon so in process of deciding whether to stick with boost at all. For the time being though I ordered a gsm sim from Tello.
I might be making the switch to tmobile so it seemed like a good fit for now, $10 for 1gb of data and unlimited talk & text. I think that should be substantial for the P2.

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Hello and good news, I received my new sim card today and am able to fully utilize my phone functions now. I am very pleased with the outcome and of course the Kospet Prime 2.

Thank you good people for your help, am fully enjoying my KP2.

I’m using the 15 per month plan expect I just paid for a year at once so I just never have to think about it. I’ll probably cancel and make a new contract next year so it doesn’t automatically go up in price.