Sim card network issue on kospet prime 2

On my Kospet Prime 2 the sim card is not working properly, connection is getting lost again and again for more time. So please tell me the solution for sim card network problem on kospet prime 2. Same sim on mobile it works good

We need more info. What phone company, etc. Also, search the forum. There are others that have problems with the APN settings depending on the phone service there are using. I have T-Mobile and it works perfectly.

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So you get a working signal ? Then its gone …

Yes. Afterwards its gone

Should I install T mobile in my smart watch?

Do you understand that the watch although will work well it will not perform as good as a phone in a area where the signal is weak

Oh yes you are right. Thanks

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That’s what I use and it works well. Check their coverage maps and see if you are in a good area for service.