Sim Card and data Door

So I wear my watch in bed, I awoke this morning to find my sim card and door on my sheet next to me! On replacing the sim and door it is very “spongy” and raised from the back of the watch, it used to be flat. Also its not a very secure connection as I can now remove the door with my fingernail under very minimal force. What’s that about?

I have a similar problem and now, I never open that door. I bought the data cable and could not get it to make a consistent data contact. It would connect then disconnect on it’s own. I need to press the connector into the sim area but thats real awkward. So I use Sweech & Clockskin transfer. The gasket around the door does not hold properly. Real bad design.

Hmm, the data cable connection is very good, I’m sure that you didn’t push it in completely. You’ll noticed a “click” if it’s conected propperly.