Shake sreen to turn on/off

I had earlier an issue with lift to wake screen but it turned to be a beneficial issue since I installed an application that turns on the screen when you shake the watch. This allows for more accurate control on turning on the screen by adjusting the sensitivity of this shaking gesture. which in turn improves battery life by preventing unwanted screen on
The application can be found on Google Play. Many similar apps are available too, but that’s the one I tried and I am satisfied with the results

maybe put the name of the app in here, so people do not have to try all of them… :wink:

I wasn’t sure if it’s allowed to do so. Anyways it’s called: Shake Screen On Off

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I tested it on a Lemfo 12 pro and it works flawlessly👌

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really shaking sensitivity that’s new… i will try if this not going to eat the battery.

Didn’t worked for me

did you give it admin permission?

That would be interesting. Waiting for your evaluation

very nice app thank you the watch respond so fast nice share keep suggesting apps like that

Anyone tried Gravity Screen-On/Off?

yes, but wasn’t as accurate as this one

Good morning and something instead with double tap you can have the name I have already written on another discussion, but nothing, I try on this to ask, I tried many but nothing that works properly, I look for something that with the double or triple tap I turn on the screen. Thank you all