See watchfaces of users

Is there a possibility when i click on the avatar of a user,
that i see the pictures of the watchfaces he has created in the past.
Now i have to open every post of the user to see what kind of watcface it is.

Greets Bricky vl


Yes, I’m missing this g+ feature, too. I already searched for a way to make this possible. I will talk to Eric if he knows a way to implant this.

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Thanks !!!
i hope that it’s possible.

I agree. That would be an awesome feature, if it could be implemented. Probably won’t work for faces posted on other sites, tho. It would be nice to also implement the idea to allow the designers the option of what faces are displayed. Maybe pick top 3 to post imediately, and clicking on a plus symbol shows all the faces.

I’ve been searching on this subject. In fact, it’s already more or less here.
When on a user, stay on the “All” selection, then you have an arrow at top right of each long post to expand the one selected.

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Yes, but you can’t see the pictures of the posts. The same problem if you use the search function, for example “rolex” you don’t get the preview image.
It would be great to get the preview images in this two cases, like the category view.

Yes you have the picture and the whole post.

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Yes, now I got it, you are right! Just necessary to open the arrows manualy, then it works.:+1:

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