Searching for this watch face

Hello. Hopefully everyone is well. I’ve been trying to find this watch face I got from Google+ a while back. I’ve been trying to find for some time now since Google+ shut down. It’s my favorate watch face but the graphics some how got messed up (Green lines). I’m hoping someone has this and would be kind enough to share

Please send me a PM with the link to the file. I’ll have a look, maybe I can fix it.


I just noticed that it’s a watch-file. So you are asking in the wrong forum, mate. Nothing here is about android wear…
Whatever, I have fixed the file. I will send you a PM with a download link later.

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Oh WOW… thats Great news. Thanks Sooo much. Very much appreciated. (Jumping for JOY !!!)
Happy to buy you a Beer or Coffee mate !!

Note: Sorry about posting in the wrong forum

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I just sended you a PM. If you really want to donate something, I’m very happy. On the start page you will find a donate button. A donation will then benefit the forum. :+1:

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Just donated mate
Transaction ID: 40D617416C9076325

Thanks so much again :slight_smile:

Cheers !!


You are welcome. Thanks for your donation!

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Thats very kind . We are short of donations at the moment

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