Scrolling issues and clockskin downloads

Hi guys,

A couple days ago I opened my last Prime 2 and I’ve experienced a couple issues with it. I’ve tried everything I can think of, including doing a few factory resets but the issues still remain.

Firstly, I can only scroll down about 30 clockskins under Round Android Watchfaces before it stops and won’t load anymore. Does anyone happen to know what’s causing it and what the fix is? I saw this on my 2nd watch as well.

Secondly, when I have found a clockskin I like and download it, it doesn’t automatically load in the Cache and allow me to install from there. The screen blips but nothing happens. It does end up though in the watch files and I think I figured out how to extract it so it opens and but I’d like for it to do what I’ve become accustomed to by opening up at the download level. Any idea what’s causing this and what will fix it?