Screen too small on dm 20

Hello everyone, Bonjour à tous
I treated myself to a dm 20 because finally after the lem 14 I prefer the rectangular screen. But I have a

little problem =):

how to adjust the screen to the right size??? thank you very much

I seem to remember that you could switch between round mode and square mode, even though it wasn’t a round watch. Press and hold the power button to check.

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thanks, but no ! sorry =)

I wonder if you can enable Developer Options. Try to touch several times your Build Number in your information section at Settings


Otherwise the app “settings search” might work:
-Copy of Settings - Google Drive

Konntest Du das Problem lösen?

thank you all I tried everything nothing works

I tried everything nothing works

Idea: try connecting to computer (enable ADB in developer settings), and run:

adb shell wm density 160 (for example)

Try a few different densities, this will have the effect of reducing the size of the dialogue box, and hopefully bring the button into view.

Bon courage !