Screen moves randomly

Dears, I got my touch screen here move randomly and lag between 2 menus and keep move up and down and i cant control it but the touch respond, can you tell me if my LEM7 HW is wasted or not? i am done doing everything starting from upgrading and downgrading firmware from 2.5 to 2.4 and no way it is the same. random screen moves and the watch become insanely hot… someone give me hope please.

After flashing you should always factory reset as well . If there is no difference the only other thing you can try after that is open the watch carefully and see if screen connector cable is secure . I dropped mine and had similar problems . I couldnt fix it


thanks for the valuable information, can you send me any disassembly, i open it before just to disconnect the battery but i did not go farther than that.
i did restore factory settings and it is still the same even if i did not drop it or hit it with any solid object.

There are two versions of the lem7.
When the watch was behaving normally - which version of firmware did you have?

If it is getting very hot it sounds like you have either flashed the wrong firmware or it is faulty now.

Early version was m6737 CPU.
Later version is M6739.