Screen Lock (using Tasker).

Screen Lock (using Tasker).

Not sure if someone else feels like me, but I find it very annoying when the screen wakes (when you move your wrist) without I’m noticing it. And I unintentionally click on it. So when I really want to see the time and raise my wrist, it sometimes have some other thing opened (settings menu, g maps, or even the dialer).
So I decided to come up with a lock screen to avoid it.
I’ve accomplished it with Tasker. It’s a pretty simple thing to do even if you are not a developer (just like me).
I just show an invisible layer on top of everything, everytime the screen goes off. The only gesture this layer responds to is a swipe down. So no clicks or any other kind of swipe will work. As soon as you swipe down, Tasker destroys the scene (invisible layer), giving you back the access to the system.
If someone want it, just let me know and I’ll share the Tasker configurations (profiles, tasks and scenes).

I want, tell us the profiles tasks and scenes.

Use It for create an apk from your task so all people can use your task without tasker installed

Yes i want it to please

@Fabio ​, the link you post not working.

@Sergio_Paulo try now

Thanks @Fabio , yes now the link working well.

Hey @Fabio , thanks for the hint!
I’ve never used it before, but it seems to work just fine.
I’ve installed App Factory, created the APK and installed it on my D5.
It seems the first time, you have to run it by clicking on the app icon (lock), but after that it will start running on the background every time you turn the watch on.
Please let me know if it works for you.
Here is the download link:

Please keep in mind that it takes a while to get used to it (it took me a couple of days).
So please don’t hit your watch with a hammer or blame me if you forget to swipe down first =)

Things for this App, I’ll try on my D5

@Alessandro_Domingos ok thanks…I’ll try It this week-end now I don’t have the Watch with me…

I’m still testing the APK. It seems it stops responding after a period.
Maybe some priority issue. I mean, I’ve heard if the app does not have a permanente notification, or something like that, the OS can stop it’s services running in the background. So maybe that’s what happens here.

@Fabio @Junaid_Siddiqui @Sergio_Paulo @rene_veen @Arturo_Jose_Maiorana
Anyways, for you that have already Tasker installed on the device, or are willing to do so, here it is the download link for the Tasker Project:
The Google Drive actually shows the XML code instead of downloading it. But if you hit the Download button on the top right of the page, it will download the file LockScreen.prj. I guess you just have to place the file at the folder Tasker\projects and import it inside Tasker.

Ooook thank you… The Solution Is never switch off the smartwatch😁