Screen larger than 1.6"?

Has anyone heard about any new larger screen round watches coming out? I’m getting older, and the larger screen is so much easier to read. I’ve had the Kospet Prime 2 for a long time.

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Easier to read, harder to wear… haha
I prefer the 1.6" right now. It’s exactly the perfect size, not short, not too big.
Obviously I’d prefer bigger screen, but it’s a clock at the end of the story, not a smartphone…

Unfortunately not in a round version. Same here with round. Really struggling with eyesight

For me 1.8 would be great :grin:


I thought that more than 1.8 inches was only used for church steeples. :grin:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: maybe

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That is really cute. Mind if I use that in church this Sunday? :slight_smile:

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Well, if the brightness is set to maximum, it could potentially blind the pastor. :joy:


But you can have an small watch with big numbers like this:

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Hello guys

I purchased kospet prime 2 couple of months ago but it was faulty.

I didn’t find any new one

Also lokmat appllp pro

Can any one suggest a site that sells 2 inch round smart watch? Even any other brand that have full android?


The answer is no. Sorry.


There is someone selling it now used (prime 2)

Do you think it worth it?

It is not designed to communicate easily with our watches.