SB075 - analogue - expressive hands

“Angel Span” feature used. It will not work on Kospet watches



Looks great! :+1:
By the way- It will work on most Kospet Devices. Inclusive Kospet hope. The prerequisite is that the latest firmware is installed.

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Possible. Most of my work where I used Angle Span on Kospet did not work properly

About which device are you talking about?

My Kospet Prime se, for example

which firmware version?

Android 7.1.1

Of course it’s Android 7. But I would like to know the firmware version. You’ll find it in the settings.

I don’t know how to identify “Firmware Version”

Ok. Forget the question.

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I can confirm that it is working fine on Kospet Prime SE, firmware version v1.5_B_20200706

Thank you for your help. there are still problems with it. In my case it started with the Sundial. The problem still exists. It is an ANGEL SPAN feature. It works on Lemfo LEM 12 and not on KOSPET. AS if it will work with the new FIRMWARE