Santa Photo Frame

A few minutes after finishing up the Roshi Drowning Pool face…I put this one together in about 40 minutes with twin light bulb GIFS and counter rotating images with a nicely found Santa Claus Photo Frame…Has a star brush effect outside frame done in slate blue…Has the forementioned photo frame…emboss…for that matter a lot of items have been emboss except for the weekday and day area…Has a counter clockwise chalk white with circular effect to give it the look of twirling snow…A famous Xmas song title as the clockwise second hand with my antique watch hands…And finally it has both weekday and day function with christmas tree bulbs surrounding a sunken area…Font used is Santa’s Sleigh Full which can be found free online. Enjoy…


Credits - Photo Frame & Christmas tree Light Borders - GIFSantas’ Sleigh Full Font

Dropbox Link - Santa Frame