Samsung Phones & KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 - Watch Droid

Not sure right place to post this … move if not please :slight_smile:

Just go me a [ KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 ] Yesterday …
Been trying to get Watch Droid Working right on this watch.
tried many different versions of the software our friend at [Lumatic Software] Makes.
Been using it for a long time. but my watches died or i stopped using them.
( I know weird … I make faces everyday LOL )

Anyway … been trying for two days to get this to work right.
And finally got it working! with the latest ver on play store.
Had to change a few hundred setting on the watch and phone !
But got it all working :slight_smile: Also had to switch to google dialer to get correct
notifications to the watch … but Watch Droid working great now :slight_smile:
No Idea What I did LOL changed so many things !

However I did find a way to “AUTO START” Programs on samsung phones !
When you reboot { watch Droid } Would not auto start and some others I use.

Just tap tile icon on the card in recent app list and should give option lock it keep open!
( I hope this helps others ) Was driving me crazy for a long time !