Samsung gear s SM-750

With this watch my love for full android smartwatches started. OK, some will argue that the operating system was Tizen OS. But you could also use Android 5.1.1, and thanks to the SIM card, the watch became my first full-android watch.

Since I loved this original dial very much, I invested a lot of time back then to bring it back to the SM-750. The solution was a background image and a Zooper widget for the pointers and functions.

Incredible, this 4 year old solution could display missed calls + unread SMS on the watchface. Our watches cannot.

Or does it???



Needs stocklauncher to work.




Happy days mate . I remember this watch well ( especially as mine had broken gps ) :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: . Great job :+1:

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Thank you, doc. I really like this face. From the start…

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Its times like i this i wish i had kept every smartwatch i ever bought :+1: . And thats a lot :grin:

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Hahaha! I know what you’re talking about. But smartwatches are similar to sand castles: neither is designed to live for hundreds of years…:wink:

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Ha, Ha G1NT0N1C, That one is still in old reliable and hopefully replaced by Jason once I get a tracking number!!!

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Hahahaha! I really love this watch!

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Will it work with Universal Launcher ?

No, this version is for stocklauncher.