Samsung galaxy note 10+ does not connect with watch droid app

I have a weird problem when trying to tether my kospet prime using the watch droid app, when I scan the QR code, a message appears in my phone saying " knox enrollement failed" any idea or sugestion regarding this?

Don’t use the Code, pair it manualy.

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Thanks, I just did it, now it seems to be working well… after deactivating all battery optimization options related to the app

I have never used the qr code ever . Always works as @G1NT0N1C says

Well, I eventually connected the watch to my note 10+ however, this app eats a lot of battery! Accubattery reports some 30% consumption , is this normal?

hmm, I can’t confirm that. Usually the battery consumption of this app is not noticeable. I would first check whether the battery life is actually shortened or whether “accubattery” is just showing a wrong value. If the battery life is actually dramatically worse, I would check if the connection is stable or if constant interruptions are causing the problem.


I mean, the batt drain occurs in the phone, notifications about the the app being draining battery were generated by the system, that is why I also checked accubattery and battery tracker in galaxy labs