S8 ultra wach 4g 1G-16 G information

Unfortunately UL on S8 Ultra GS29X PRO does not work properly (counting steps Weather Heartbeat) If you insert on the clock screen such a disguise we are not this program, we are others similar, but Android watch 8.1 4G only information

Clock has only 4 faces so I tried to set this starter UI

Evening. I appreciate english is not your first language. Can you try to re-write your post so we can understand


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That’s why it’s not supported here. But I’ll check tomorrow.


apologies for a bad translation I just wanted to write that this clock is not working on UL


Yep, we understand that there are issues with these because they sometimes have no way to grant the permissions needed, the OS has been so heavily customised that sometimes even USB debugging can’t be enabled.

There are so many different types available and some allow universal launcher to work and some don’t.

I think it is obvious that these devices, while they are very cheap, they are not very useful and have a lot of fake functionality.

For example, one that we tested has Android 10 which is actually Android 8 with a fake settings app which displays fake OS information.
Supposed to be 4G but almost always use 3G due to limited bands available for cellular and very weak antenna.

These are not supportable and we don’t recommend them to anyone.
I’ll post some screen shots later.


Thanks I wanted to give this information

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Ok, thanks :+1:

Where can I get more detailed information about these Full Android Smartwatches?

For example from the sellers. Unfortunately, these are not always true…
But some things were also reported in this thread. Enough to understand why we don’t support it.

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My advice is to wait for a little longer.
I believe a “supportable” model which looks exactly the same will be on sale very soon. Usually in time for the Cyber sales coming soon.
Don’t waste your money and time on the others.
They look ok and some of them are using well made cases, however they are really terrible to use and there is no help available for the software.
The software is the worst part.
They really butchered the Android system.
We have tested at least three of these “bad ones”, so we are not just guessing when we say that they are rubbish.

When we get the permission to open the support thread for the supported model, you will see an official announcement here on the forum.


I already have with Ultra 8 4g I Ultra 9 and can be connected to the cable from Optimus 2 with 8 ultra that works with your computer

Yep, usb connect is very simple.