Rystiv X3_interactive touch skin with bonus dark skins

Rystiv X3 is the 3rd iteration of Rystiv series of digital watches. Except for year you get all the info in this watch. Was experimenting with array types 54 and 60 for calories and distance travelled respectively and this is a result of that experimentation. Its been in the works for a long time now and its time for the reveal. The tap areas the promo image will guide you on that.

To End 2020 with one final clock skin. Buying a smartwatch I never thought I would ever be designing a skin. Had I not found this community I wouldn’t have gotten into this hobby. Thanks to the incredible moderators and devs who made this possible. I hope you guys had a wonderful 2019 and a great holiday season. Now as we step in 2020, I continue to pray for all, that may Jesus fulfil all your dreams and wishes and bless your families immensely.

Rystiv X3

dowload banner 2



yandex disk




XML file



Fitness Apps xml

replace the default fitness xml for those wanting one of the below custom app fitness apps

My Running App


Google fit

    <!--Google fit-->
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Previous editions
Rystiv X1
Rystive X2

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Left- G assist and 12-24 hour toggle
Right- Dialer and alarm
I got nothing else
Do the play buttons at the sides do anything?


GAWD DAAAAAMMMmnnnnn that’s cool!

A Bonus black edition may be in the pipeline



Hello, excellent work but can you do in color blue and purple and add sms, music icon with OTA ? please thank you.

this is brilliant !
deep blacks for oled screens will be amazing.

but to satisfy everyone in this forum, a rainbow of different colours to choose may be necessary :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


i must say, with each iteration both the design and functionality are greatly improved !
great work is appreciated.


Happy beginning of years to all… I have to say that I really That I like digital faces and the ones you create are great… Keep it up…un saludo


The OTA on battery is missing.

I made a set of polls to understand what users like to have ota from home and this skin is made based on that. And ota for battery was not one of those. I felt its already crowded and not to add anymore. But I later thought for power users battery is very essential for toggle between power saver and normal modes. I’ll post ASAP. But meanwhile you can experiment with the xml clockskin file yourself if you could, which is very simple.


I wish you happy New Year, Great work
what about the Bonus black edition?

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The black screen skin suggesting that something that might look like it. But it is under the covers. It is a cramped skin. Working to make the black skin more readable. Will be out soon. Thanks for checking out. And BTW happy new decade to you as well.

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Black would be great, but choosing the color of the digits (blue/green/orange/etc) would be even greater!Possible???

Something is coming soon. Stay tuned. Rystiv X3.1
Black screen, more colours, more functionalities and revamped design.


is it will work with stock launcher or universal launcher in Finow x7 watch?

If you’re using it on stock launcher, absolutely no need to worry about it working. On universal Launcher if you’reusing a 24 hour time then it is fine.

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Thank you all for the patience. Just sat and finished the Bonus dark edition.

Above two files can be found in the same folders as above
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The best watch skins Bonus dark edition. Great job!


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thank you everyone for the 700 plus downloads. Incredible!
Sorry again, a month without a new skin post.
But something bad-ass is coming next month…


Your interactive touch clockskin has all of the XML code elcements I’ve been wanting to learn more about.
Is there a document or documents available somewhere that covers the syntax, elements, parameters, array types, etc. It would make it easier than trial & error.