Round display Countdown Timer and Stopwatch

Hi everybody!
I was surfing the internet looking for another countdown for our round FAWs displays and I discovered this app:

I know there is another countdown timer here on the forum of our friend @Eric_Crochemore that works fine, but this app looks like a little bit more round display friendly and I decided to give it a try :wink:

Nevertheless, I discovered some bugs due it seems to be maded to run over Android 2+ and nowadays its deprecated.

  1. When you run at first time, an Android warns tells me it’s an old version and could not run well over new android versions. So an upgrade of the source code to a higher android compilation is needed.
  2. The app doens’t keep running on background when you exit from it with the Return button, or keeps hanged up after a while when you manage to succesfully exit from it and let it running on the background with the Power On/Off button. Only works fine while the screen is on.
  3. On a round display FAW, the Start and Reset buttons does appear too low and need to be fixed a little bit higher on the screen.
  4. The countdown alarm sounds at max level and cannot be changed by another android ringtone or setted lower. It only plays the default android alarm sound of our phone/watch.

I’m not an android developer, anyway I was playing a little bit with some tools and I managed to change a little things as main icon or miliseconds positioning on screen. But I wanna ask if anybody could help me to fix bugs described above in order to let it runs well for our FAWs, since I was unable to contact the app developer and seems to be an abandoned software at this point.

Thanks at all.


Just to say, I’ve been testing another app, Google Clock, and was surprised cause it seems to be really perfect, not only as a Countdown Timer or Stopwatch, but also as alarm clock and digital clock. It fits almost perfectly well to our round displays and both Countdown Timer and Stopwatch works perfect on any scenario.

Just a little issue to keep in mind: Youtube Music needs to be seted On, inside Battery settings → Auto launch management → App secondary launch, in order to work correctly when you set a music song from it as an Alarm tone.

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Thanks for sharing! Another app that works perfectly on our watches is “Harmony”.


It is an app for operating TVs and similar devices. All controls fit on the screen of our watches without further adjustments.