round and sexy with a cam?


yes I´m talking about a watch! :wink:

I´m in love with the finow models, but unfortunately they have no cam. I´m really a “practical user” of messengers and would miss the ability to quickly send a pic of something. I wait for the 1GB models.

One of the best seems the fifine w9

There are rumours about a fifine w10…
The Clone Awatch Comet, K88 are also nice, but only 512 MB RAM.

Z06 3G
Awatch Stratosphere
Zeblaze Blitz 3G
…are damn ugly and low specs.

Does anyone know about another watch that is available (or will be) with 1GB RAM, round and cam?
Maybe I missed one…


Nov 1, 2016 9:00:32 GMT 1 chromax said:

i think the kw98 will be with these specs. the watch in the link is just ugly, the speaker is in the band and the screws on the side look bad, the KW98 will be slim and updated with mtk6580 and 1gb ram and 8gb storage and will have camera.

yes the KW98 is hot. But no cam

But thanks for the info, I will consider this one.

RAM is not a problem… Kw88 is fast.
ROM maybe a problem if you need some storage to music…

I have a HP Touchpad (yes, the one with the wonderful WebOS) with Android 5.1 on it. It has 1GB RAM and even this is with Android 6 or higher not really comfortable. Apps get closed in the background if you switch to another etc. Yes, I know its not comparable, but when I one thing learned with technology, then that RAM is not compensable. If its too low, everything crashes. If the SoC is too slow, then its sluggish, but it works.

But anyway, the KW98 is canceled and will never sold.