ROOT - Rogbid Brave

kindly I would like to ask u if it’s possible to root the Rogbid Brave ( not Pro, normal one, with Android 7.1.1 ). It’s the new watch of a friend of mine.

I’ve searched for the firmware too, just to have a backup, but there’s no way to find it till now. Not on the Rogbid’ site, no here… Where’s to find it?

Thx all

you can make a readback with sp flash tools, either of only the boot partition, from 0x10e20000 with a length of 0x1800000, or the whole firmware, emmc_user from 0x0 with a length of 0xcf000000 and emmc_boot_1 from 0x0 to 0x40000. If you take a readback of the whole firmware you can use WwR MTK to split it into the separate images

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Yes thx,
I know this procedure but finding a ZIP archive of the whole firmware is generally more secure and faster.

Anyway, we’ll give it a try :cowboy_hat_face:

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I will upload it for you


Thx man, very appreciated :call_me_hand:

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