Root and twrp kospet prime

Good morning, guys. Are there any instructions detailed on how to do root the clock and we will pass twrp? I read a lot of pages, but I couldn’t find anything. Thank you very much

I’m sorry if there’s somewhere and I didn’t see it

Strangely if i search with “Root and twrp kospet prime” i found a topic on it…


I’m sorry about the question I asked

I can not find it either? We’re you able to find it?

look at the top post in this thread: Kospet Prime firmware Updated 15 August 2020
both twrp and a magisk patched boot image is bundled together with the firmware (at least with v2.3, I haven’t checked the other ones)
as for how to do it, just load the scatter file in sp flash, switch the stock boot and recovery out with twrp and the patched boot (double click the paths to be able to change them), uncheck everything except boot and recovery, make sure it’s in download only mode, press download and connect the watch (whilst it’s off).