Root and FAW firmware Rc1?

So I have finally been able to give the FAW firmware a little taster…

I am a slight root junkie and have it rooted but it seems to have some issues…not sure this is specific to the firmware but I haven’t had these issues before including the stock firmware which I also had root access…

Many root functions do not seem to work and trying to copy something to the root directory throws errors about there being no room in system…anyone have any insight?

And lastly I remember reading before that twrp was not working with the FAW firmware …and I can not get it to work…tried porting it over myself with poor results. Anyone have a working twrp for the FAW firmware?


FAW firmware was not built to support root at all and we don’t give root support in this place so pretty much it’s up to yourself to discover what works and what not.

As far as I know, there’s no TWRP for FAW firmware. A few ones have TWRP for original firmware in XDA


Thank you, @Noispirit. I couldn’t have phrased it better. :+1:

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Yes I did feel that vibe…is it not supported by design?

I’m not the developer so I can’t talk about it, maybe Pablo could answer that. Your problems could be very well a matter of permissions due to the way you rooted and/or patched your boot, I just dont think Pablo discarted root by design, he just didn’t develop FAW firmware thinking of root access, that’s all.

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Thanks noispirit…I will wait and see if he replies.

Root access was not on our agenda with the solution provider.
I believe OEM unlock is also disabled and full SELINUX is enabled.
So no partitions will be writable and you will get a “false root” error which gives the no space issue.
TWRP would not work on this firmware, altering the boot or recovery image would result in boot-loop I suspect as we enabled full secure boot in the build.
Security was more important for at least 90% of people.


Thanks for the explanation Pablo. Appreciated.


Did You saw mtkclient tool? If not, then learn it :wink:


U can unlock BL even without first-booting/factory reset of android & BROM

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I’m not sure I understand why I would be interested in this :thinking:

Just telling that this tool exist, if You’ve never heard of it.

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Ok thanks,
Yes I am well aware of this but have no need for it.
Maybe others will find it useful.
However, in our experience there will be issues and people will then ask for help.
Then we refer them to the XDA forum because we don’t have the capacity to deal with these problems.