Romain Jerome Moondust-DNA Tourbillon, Hannibal Lecter

What the heck does this watch have to do with Hannibal Lecter? Sometimes I have the feeling that Romain Jerome definitely needs therapy.
However- This is the last of his watches to use this tourbillon. And until further notice, the last Romain Jerome watch I edited - otherwise I run the risk of needing a therapist myself soon.

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Don’t you see the similarity? Craters=eyes. Tourbillon=mouth. Darkened area=mask. . . or perhaps I need therapy.

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Maybe your interpretation is correct. Maybe we both need some group therapy though…:rofl:

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Maybe. I would have called it Moondust Darth Vader.

I guess you are right. I added the Romain Jerome Logo. The resemblance is suspicious!!!

lecter 2

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I think that @onourwatches has got it right G1N ! And I also think that both of you definitely do need some kind of therapy! (And perhaps a Hannibal Lecter mask each? :crazy_face: :rofl:) Anyway mate, it is an interesting face and an interesting series of posts! Cheers, “What do Grumpy Old Krauts eat”? :rofl:, Doons

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Liver with some fava beans, served with an excellent Chianti. :rofl:

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Hmmm Liver eh? The question is “Whose liver is it…or should that be was it”?!! :rofl: Cheers, All my organs are intact"!, Doons

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By the way: In the original novel The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter does not drink Chianti with the liver of the census taker, but Amarone. It is often paired with offal, much like liver and other hunted game.

His wine selection reveals a precise oenophile instinct. The film adaptation of the novel The Silence of the Lambs does not give him the credit he deserves.

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