Rollme S8 Gps not work

Hello everyone, I recently bought a Roolme S8, and I have problems with the gps that does not detect any satellite, so the bluettoh is said for no reason.
Can you give me any explanation or is there any solution?
thanks EGi

Hi . I’m assuming you have turned on GPS under connections . Try this app

In app turn on always on screen while testing

Try outside to see if it picks up any satelites

If problem persists factory reset all and try again


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Make sure you are outside where the watch can get a clear view of the satellites. Also the first fix can sometimes take a while. I usually turn on Wi-fi and Location and leave watch sit outside until I get the first connection.

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Thanks I tried with gps test, but nothing happens.
no signal.
Do you know if there is an alternative app to WIIWatch2 for iphone?

No, there isn’t any for the iPhone, sorry.

Did you factory reset as mentioned

Yes, thanks, I combined.
Now I have a problem with Wiiwatch2 that does not maintain the connection with the clock for no more than 5 seconds.
I have updated the operating system of the iPhone, and I would not want it to be because of that.