Rollme s8 doesn't connect to iphone with bluetooth

Hello everyone, since I updated my iphone to ios 14.2 my Roolme S8 no longer connects via bluetooth.
Can someone help me?
Otherwise I will be forced to sell the watch.
thank you

… I would think about selling the iPhone instead of the watch …
Joking aside: I would try a factory reset on the watch and then re-pair.


No really - sell your phone and get an Android phone. Not joking :grin:
Apple has done so many things to make something or another unusable over the years that I don’t understand why people continue to support them other than their ‘slick’ factor. Did I mention I personally met and briefly talked to Steve Jobs in the early 80’s ? Met him when at a Hang Gliding site where he had a glider with the Apple logo which he stole from the Beatles Apple records and I decided right then I’d never buy a new apple product. Feel sorry he died too young but he was a very driven guy. And a control freak which is still in the design of his products.

So really sell the phone and keep the watch :stuck_out_tongue:

thank everyone for the answers, but unfortunately the problem exists, and I don’t know how to fix it.

I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t check the problem. Have you reset the warch to the factory settings and tried to pair again?
If the problem persists then I suspect Apple made changes in the new version that are causing this problem. This is not an accident. Apple believes that the time has come for you to buy an Applewatch…

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In your iphone delete the pairing . If i remember correctly you have to select " forget device " . Delete wiiwatch app then reinstall

Factory reset watch and start again

If this doesnt work you have no chance

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I have tried again several times, but nothing to do.
Reluctantly, I now have to sell the watch and adapt to an applewacth.
Thanks to everyone for the advice and for all the great work you do in this fantastic group.

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Well, I would wait a little bit. Maybe wiiwatch is able to fix it

you should wait.
14.2 is developer beta so all kind of bugs are to be expected.
you can also try to roll back to 14.0.1 using Itunes and see if that helps.
did it work on any ios 14 version?
maybe wiiwatch needs an update

Unfortunately Apple has broken many things with updates over the years. I suspect some of their update boondoggles are done intentionally to get Apple fans to buy new Apple products. And in nearly all cases you can’t go back to a previous version unless you do it quickly or it’s a very minor update like to

I rest my case … :wink:

The problems started with ios 14

that sucked as I’m waiting to get that new rollme watch and I have an Iphone too.
I hope either apple or wiiwatch gets it fixed with an update or whatever by the time it comes out

Hi fuuz
I have ios 14.0.1 and DM99 is easy to pair with wiitwatch, but I lost the system notifications (include Whatsapp and SMS), but works with bluetooth calls , Camera Control and music Control. I hope that the next version 14.0.2 fixes the issue with the bluetooh.

Hello everyone
The new release of iOS 14, fix all the issues in relation to pair Dm99 with IPhone, I recovered notifications of SMS, and WhatsApp

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Does you still have problems with the latest IOS update mentoned above ?

Apple releases the IOS 14.1, this version solved the issue
Ramón Lozano

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