RollMe S08 Watch

Anybody planning to pick this one up? I really dig big watches and this qualifies as big.

Anybody planning to take the plunge?

No, I have Kospet Prime. I believe the S08 is Android 7.1.1 and still no documentation on the clock engine. Little bit better Hardware specs. So not this time!

I just received mine yesterday and the first thing I’m going to say that the battery life is barely one day not too.

Is this your first android 7.1.1 watch ?


7.1.1 yes I’ve never met a smartwatch that was worth its salt that can last over a day

Absolutely not, my first watch was the Galaxy s when you actually could use the internet and make and receive phone calls and respond and reply to text with Bluetooth when it was great now it’s trashed

with sensible battery management most of the newer watches can survive a long day easily ( not two depending on usage )

If I have the Kospet Prime fully charged before going to sleep it will still be at 100% battery some 9 or 10 hours later. I turn off Wifi, Bluetooth,GPS and put it in Airplane mode. I don’t have reason to have any of those comms on normally anyway unless I want to make a call or am expecting one or want Wifi for something so battery seems great on this watch. A couple previous cellular watches were not nearly so good with battery life.

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Ok, a few basics: Do you always need GPS? if not, turn it off. The “arm lifting activation” also requires a lot of energy. The setting “prefer 2g” helps a lot. And I always activate Bluetooth and WLAN when I need it.
I myself used the early Samsung watches for a few years, especially a modified Samsung Gear s with full android 5.1.1. Great watches at the time.

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I have an update on the roll me s08, after turning off the notification the battery actually can last a day and a half even with the gesture on. HB tracking not great but hey. No alternative apps I’ve found yet…

So this gets to the heart of why you want a smartwatch on your wrist. If you want smartwatch features all the time, you will have to settle for poor battery life it seems at this point.

I really dislike the idea of turning off all the functions of a smartwatch to get increased battery life. It seems to miss the point of the smartwatch.

Some of the new watches have never been so good as they are now . I use my prime for example every day with everything turned on except wifi ( also sim installed ) and it never fails for a complete day with a lot of usage . The SO8 i would expect the same ( or near ) . Hopefully we will be working with Rollme soon and we will see what we can do.

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Well, I ended up turning off the wifi on my Prime and it DRAMATICALLY increased battery life. Right now I’m sitting on 1 day 14 hours with 7% left.

I can most definitely live with that. I kept Bluetooth on and so was still getting notifications from my phone. That’s a compromise I can live with.

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Good to hear Mark . With the Prime wifi is probably the only thing you should turn on as and when you need it :+1:

Yep, picked one up - only 8 days delivery which was surprising