Rollme s08 screen flickering and gets black

Hi Guys, I received a brand new rollme s08 stand alone watch. Charged to 100%, turn on the watch and the screen was flickering then hold still and turns on. Now two days, the watch won’t turn on untill several attempts and when on, the screen flickles then goes off. Also when turn the watch on, it attempts to start but only a white flash comes on the screen then the watch goes off. I checked and the firmware was up to date. Am so disappointed as this was supposed to be a premium watch. I can’t even use this watch. Any help or any one with same issue would be appreciated.

I would suggest to take a movie of this behavior and return the watch to the seller.


Normally when watches are older we can make the usual suggestions , factory reset , flash firmware , open up the watch as a last resort etc but as your is broken from new i would return asap as @ eric suggested . Through experience the longer you leave it the harder this becomes depending on seller

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Just curious. You said you charged the watch to 100%. Two days later the watch won’t turn on. Have you tried to re-charge the watch? Two days depending on how it was used is probably at or near the battery life of most of these watches.

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