Rollme s08 horrible Bluetooth connectivity

I can’t even go 2 meters away without it disconnecting!
My phone is fine, I use Bluetooth speakers that can go up to 15 m easily.

Assuming this is a software issue, has anyone had this problem? If so, what did you do to fix it?

Thanks in advance

The range on your phone will be considerably better than a small watch with smaller hardware . I’ll be honest i have used with earbuds only with no issues

I have the same problem and it’s getting worse: owned my smartwatch about 6 weeks, it originally connected with my Bluetooth earphones for running and the first 2 times it worked OK.
Now, even though the watch is on my wrist, it keeps dropping Bluetooth connection with my earphones 1m away literally every second until it disconnects completely.

Any suggestions to fix this?

The only thing you can try is a factory reset . I have found in the past cheaper ear pods work better than expensive ones . Also using one ( not two buds ) in the ear the side as your watch