Rollme S08 GPS no sattelite fix

@alexsandroz Like pablo said. I used a Hairdryer and a cutter-knive. I heated and carefully turned the whole side of cutter to shear off the screen. It went fine, but I would not really recommend the cutter as tool. My guitar pik was too big and weak for the small gap.
My watch is still open, because I didn’t find a real solution. Its still unclear weather it is the firmware or the antenna thing. GPS and bluetooth are (for me) the most importent part of a full android watch.
I will try to solder a wire to the contacts, thank you for bringing me back on this project. :grin:

For gluing it back together I bought B6000. A classic smartphone glue. Maybe heating only is enough.

@pablo11 Is there a chance of a new firmware for the China EPO data GPS problem?
@pablo11 They should make it a full android metall watch. :laughing: I mean, form follows function!

Thanks for the answers. I will try to open the smartwatch this week.

Good Luck!
Last week I’ve soldered 3 wires to the golden plates on the right, but the Signal did not improve. So far no luck. Will try the other side of the right contacts.
The watch is very well enineered. It is good that you could repair it. Good for the Environment :evergreen_tree:

If you search this forum for ‘no GPS’ you get a lot of similar results, so maybe it is a common problem with all of these watches. 2 years ago I had a lem12 and the GPS was not perfect but up to 5m pretty accurate.

I think the issue is that the GPS config data in the NV data directory is wrong and cannot be altered without a huge amount of issue.
If it is the Android 7.1.1 version it can be achieved through patched boot and root but in Android 10 it is not possible.
I believe this is why it passes tests in the Chinese factory but not elsewhere…

It is also almost impossible to get a decent result without using AGPS all the time.
So without Wi-Fi or Sim cellular data - the data is not good.

Have you used the built in engineering tool to reset and clear the GPS data and perform a cold start?


Hi! Long time no see. I’ve Android 7.1.1 and I had it rooted already.
Can you give some advice where I can find out more about this patch.
I’ve just turned on the watch and its still working, after almost a year. :grin:
Many Greetings!

Your safest way is to download MTK engineering shortcut app from the play store and enable USB debugging.
Then keep tapping on the firmware version number and enable full developer options.
Then use the app and hopefully it will open up the engineering tool.
Then you can swipe across the GPS settings and clear the data.
Then turn off Wi-Fi and cellular connections and go outside and perform a Cold Start in engineering tool under GPS settings.
It was take some time to get a lock on first run.
I hope this works.
I haven’t tested Android 7.1 for a while now.
Good luck :+1:


Thank you for your quick response. :sun_with_face:
I will try that exactly in that order.

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@Ctc_Nick Did the MTK engineering solution work for you? I just find out that my Lem14 GPS no longer working, and hopping that a software solution would prevent me to open my watch.

Have you tried a factory reset ?


Not yet (it will take me near 2h to put back all my apps&data), but since I am using FAW 1.2 for over a year without a problem, it is probably hardware related. BTW, no need to install MTK engineering shortcut on the FAW, only need to dial: ##3646633## (no sure if full developer option is needed)
@pablo11 Can you confirm that the antenna connect to the pcb via the 6 square on your previous picture and there is no relation with the re-soldering that Tan_Laz have made?

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Hi. Sorry, nothing of the above worked for me. Altough, I got pretty far I think. I tried soldering wires to the 6 quadratic pads as well. LocationEM2 and YGPS apps are working, tried differend settings. And it still sees the sattelites and no fix here in Germany. I did not find any manuals about mtk Gps settings. I’m pretty lost there. I flashed the watch several times. Maybe some day, someone will find the answer… I’m pretty eager to know, especially because still no one knows, if its software or hardware.
Greetings to all. :sun_with_face:

I strongly advise not to encourage people to solder anything on the board !!
Permanent damage can easily occur. Any improvement you may have experienced would be pure luck.
I also don’t believe it has ANYTHING to do with tose contacts - which are leaf springs that make contact with internal antennas.
The issue with internal antennas is that they will always be weaker than the external in-strap type. However - this is what people asked for.

To use the engineering tool shortcut app, developer options must be enabled.
You can perform a cold reset and clear the GPS data.
Then you can try and get a lock, outside with no obstruction overhead.

I’m almost 100% sure that you would get a lock very quickly if you were in China.
I have friends who have tested it there and no problem found.

Generally it is the factory that sets the preferences to China so that they can test functionality.
Baidu location services - not Google, for example.

A reset of the GPS data might help.


Hi, and Happy new Year.
@pablo11 Last Year I left the watch outside under the sky over several hours and days with cold start so that didnt work. Any news or thoughts on the older getting MTK6739? Other compatible Firmwares, Patches which might also work on S08?
You could be right about the software side, because I did extend the antennas and there was no change. I think the chipset is just not able for todays gps sinals.

A lots of Greets, to everybody. ::

The GPS signals have not changed since they existed. They have not been “modernized”. The chipset is very well able to receive and process GPS signals. I suspect your watch is defective.

Hi @G1NT0N1C.
Okay, that is a good information. I thought that because others had similar problems in the last years (their gps stopped getting signals at some certain point), also with some of the big brands.
Yes, it is probably defective. I can not really wrap my head around why wifi is working.
Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately the OEM manufacturer of the S08 (and also made the LEM14) were not very good.
A lot of cost cutting and false advertising problems.
GPS seems to be one of the problems that were caused by their issues in production.
The LEM14 and the S08 Pro had a different chipset and Android 10 but still had similar issues.
I had a lot of problems with them as they didn’t want to hear about the problems.
So we try to stay away from their products.

Mostly the brands to stay away from are:

The LEM14 was a one-off product that they sold to LEMFO for them to put their name on.

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