Rolex Daytona White

Hi everyone, here one more watch face that I’ve built.
The Rolex Daytona White.

I know there are already a few versions of the white Rolex Daytona, but they are for example white with gold, or white and black with gold, but I like this version in white and black with silver. And I wanted to have it with Day, Weekday, Month and Batterypower, so I built it for my self and to share it with you.






Thanks for sharing!

@Manu_J1 can you please make a black version for this Rolex face.

Hello @Nikhil_V_V , two black version of the Rolex Daytona were already made by @Andres_Flower , check his work here:
and here:

If you still want me to do my one in black, I will do it.

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Yes @Manu_J1 . If you can make one that will be great. The day shows wrong in both faces. Today its Wednesday and my watch’s day shows Wednesday too but in both faces the day showing is one day before, I mean Tuesday. I am using normal launcher. Thanks in advance.

Both @Andres_Flower faces looks soo premium btw.

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Hi. This is absolutely perfect. Can u let me know how to install this on my smart watch?

@arya_sh use Clockskin Transfer, it’s the most easy way.

I know this is a old thread but…

How would I import this to the watchmaker app?

Why would you want to do that ? Our watches do not use . watchface format…

Hi @Bulldog normally here we share full android watchfaces, but here is your special request.
Here is the .watch file of the Rolex Daytona White:

After you downloaded it you need to save it in the folder “export” in the folder “BeautifulWatches” on your phone. Then you open Watchmaker and click in the upper right corner on the three points and choose “Import Watch”. Then you navigate to the export folder and select the file of the Rolex Daytona White.

To the Moderators, if this is against the board rules, feel free to delete this post.


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Thank you so much.

I’m a bit new to watch faces and have just bought a Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic.

So doesn’t this forum support wear os at all ?

No we dont . Full android watches only :+1:


This is beautiful and thank you for making white version for Android wear OS. Do you mind making the BLACK version for Wear OS? It will be for my Galaxy Watch4. Thanks!!

That was 2 years ago @Brian_McGuinness
If you are extremely lucky he might do this.
But this forum is not for Wear OS as you know - so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

Hell yeah I would be lucky! I’ve been looking more and more into this full android watches, I had no clue they existed. I’m a big watch collector what’s one of the best out there right now?

I would say that from a performance perspective and usability - The Prime 2.

However, it has a 2 inch screen and so may seem a bit too big to wear for some.
But it’s screen is awesome… Battery life is fantastic and the 13mp camera is really good.

From a more practical perspective I think the LEM 15 and APPLLP 4 are very good but do not match the battery life of the Prime 2… Good for around 2 full days or 48hrs compared to 4 - 5 days with Prime 2.

Optimus 2 is good if you like cameras, also 13mp with flash. Battery is not bad either.

Mind you, I use these things as a watch and make a few calls.
I’m not one of these people who try to use it as a media centre or game player…lol


Hi, @Brian_McGuinness, I already mad the black Rolex Daytona for Wear OS, but can’t remember where I postet the link. So here for you is the link again: Rolex - Google Drive


I appreciate this, I will be looking into that watch. 2" screen sounds major and 4-5 days is a must

This is incredible. Thank you so much!

Hello I cannot display the watchface correctly regardless of the registered watchface, regardless of the watch (I have two watches including a Lokmat appllp pro and a Kospet Optimus 2) even after restarting the watch the wallpaper s 'displays but it remains frozen. Who would have the solution to this problem? Thanks in advance.