Rolex Bao Dai - the last Emperor of Vietnam - UL

As the story goes, Bao Dai was in Geneva for peace talks over the conflicts in Indochina, growing increasingly fatigued during the meetings inside the Hotel des Bergues, now the Four Seasons. Excusing himself to go out for some air, the Emperor crossed the road and entered Philippe Announcing himself as the 13th Emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai asked for the most expensive Rolex watch available. The selection in the store was unfortunately inadequate for the Imperial client, so the store’s proprietor called Rolex headquarters to plead for something fancier.

Fortunately Rolex had in stock a ref. 6062, in 18k gold with a gold bracelet and diamond-set dial no less, which was promptly dispatched to the shop. The watch at the time cost about $4,168 (circa 1940’s), almost the same as a Patek Philippe perpetual calendar - The watch sold in 2002 for $385,444.




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