Rogbid Brave - Update Android 10

Hi all,
I’ve always said that Rogbid Brave / Rollme S08 looks bad aesthetically but it looks nice for features. That’s why I’ve never bought it.

But just yesterday I discovered that a friend of mine bought it, Rogbid Brave with Android 7.1.1… Apparently Brave and Brave Pro look the same watch, of course main differences are related to Android vesion ( 7.1.1 / 10 ), ram ( 3 GB / 4 GB ) and internal memory ( 32 GB / 64 GB ).

I’m just curious… It would be possible to update the Brave with Android 10? Maybe with same firmware of the Pro or an adapted version?

Thx to all

No, that’s not possible.

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May I ask u why? I’ve to suppose that they use different firmwares due to different hardware platforms but with a porting should be possible no?

For smartphones is pretty common, a device comes out with Android 10 and with porting / custom roms, it’s possible to update it with Android 11.

But of course, a device like a watch has “less public”… Less people that work on mods / changes, so no modding, not at this point. This could be the reason maybe?