Rogbid brave pro watch watch faces and battery info questions

I have a Rogbid brave pro. It seems like a rebranded lem14. I have 2 problems that I haven’t seen listed in the threads. Im running the stock system.

  1. I can’t delete watch faces that I’ve loaded. Is thete some access permission I need to set?
  2. In the settings-battery it tells me application data not available… How do I make it available?

I too have same model watch but upgraded to FAW latest firmware (highly recommend it. However you need to weigh the pros and cons. Warranty may be avoided as it might be considered you have rooted your device…

Re watch faces.
In the app where after seeing left until you reach the end there is an incomplete circle with an arrow which clears the cache. After actioning the option the downloaded faces will appear with a bin above each face. To delete, swipe the face up towards the bin. Job done!

Re battery monitoring (I assume)
When you swipe down from the watch face one of 2 screens will report battery remaining. The other screen allowed riding on/off Bluetooth network etc.
Personally, I have installed a battery app called battery widget that gives greater functionality using the watch and provides valuable information regarding battery statistics etc.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the cue on the watch faces. That was it.

Is the battery widgets on the plays store?

Battery widget by M2 catalyst on Google Play store

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