Rogbid Air Smartwatch

Hi. Does anyone use Rogbid air? I would like to kow f someone. could test an app on it if its working

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This is a android 9.0 watch we do not support . Sorry

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What’s the difference between android 9 and 10 for watch (as in why android 9 is not being supported)?

We do support some A9 watches like the Prime S . But not yours

A10 is much better with a lot of support here


I hope a model comes out with a slightly larger display than the lem10 with android 10.

The Kospet note is amazing . Not A10 yet but keep a eye on this :+1:

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I have seen some videos on a lemfo lem10 pro but I did not understand if it has android 10.
In my opinion the perfect display size for these watches is exactly as good as the square mode of the Kospet Prime 2.

I just bought a Rogbid Air with 4GB memory. I can help test and give feedback on an application. I am an Android newbie, but I am running ADB debug (for use with scrcpy) to see exactly how much use I can get from this “lump of computing” on my wrist.

Also, I see that since it’s Android 9 it’s “not supported” here. Can anyone direct me to a better place to discuss and ask questions? I LOVE ITS FORMFACTOR, but if I can’t resolve it’s poor WIFI performance I might have to return it and wait for Moore’s law to tempt me with a better functioning wrist computer…:slight_smile:

This is a solution from the official OEM Wiite, they have a strong interest in enhancing the usability and improving the resulting product.
However, in this case it is the factory that produces this watch which has a questionable attitude. Personally i wouldn’t encourage to buy from them.
It should be okay to discuss about it, though.

The other Android 9 devices (S888/S999) are from a different OEM, which has no interest in providing any kind of support or improvements.


I tried the TicWris Max S version. Too big for me, and I really want a “wrist computer” with changeable bands. One of the reasons I want to figure out a way for the Rogbid air to work for me. It uses the same band size as my ancient BURG 2G smartwatch.

I see that “Full Android Smartwatch” posted videos on the S99, which appears to be an Android 9 (or 9.1) watch.

Do you “officially” support that one? Can you compare it to the Rogbid Air in terms of performance, (like WIFI)? Appears to have a smaller screen, less memory, but does have two cameras, which at least one app I use requires.

Can this watch read QR codes for payment?

What is rogbidair? I use optimus

Its another brand of smartwatch we do not support . Stick with your Optimus . You will be fine

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I also have the Rogbid Air and would like to root it.

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Again another watch we do not support . Sorry


@Dr_Andy_Vishnu is correct.
Sadly it’s not something we would consider supporting.
Unfortunately, custom watch faces don’t seem to work very well either.

It’s another Android 9 unisoc solution that is being sold using fake specifications.

Screen resolution is very low like the LEM10, 320*385 (but likely 320x320)
The camera is 2mp not 5mp
Battery will be 700mah or 750mah max.

As for root, you are better off looking on XDA to learn about Magisk system-less root.
With A9 onwards you can only use magisk modules due to the firmware using checks on all the images, including boot.
VBMeta and DM Verity is used.

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