Review Fitness activities (stock app)


I am wondering how I can review the stats of the recorded training with the stock fitness app? I used it with GPS on, and would like to review the track was well.



The stock app is very limited . Why not try " myrunningapp " . Its way better

Please note as you are using A10 the red - blue start stop buttons are distorted but working . They are looking at a fix

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thank you @Dr_Andy_Vishnu

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Your welcome :+1:

Hi I got my lem 12 pro everything seems to be working properly i cant get my voice coach to work in myrunning app there is a tap to download the languafe or so /english but i doesnt do anything . What am i doing wrong ?

Unfortunately its not 100% working on A10 . However the tracking is working fine with HRM .

hopefully there will be an update soon …

Sadly the development of this app may not go any further . We shall see

I tried google fit on the lem 12 pro it seems to be working okeyish except spoken announcements isn’t working anyone knows the reason why ?

Or is there any other app that tracks a workout, Heart rate and have spoken announcement that works on lem 12 Pro

So far I like the lem 12 pro . no issues at all

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You can try Orux maps , it is a freeware program with big community, I am using this program for training or hikking for years and propably is the main reason I decided to buy a full android watch. When I saw what orux maps could do, I sold my garmin gpsmap64 I had for hikking .You can track your work out , make your own online- offline maps sattelite or topo, navigate, open almost every kind of unlocked maps, connects with any kind of external (heart rate monitor-cadence-speed) bluethooth or ant+ device you can find , create your own tracks, export-import your tracks to gpx- kml-kmz files, and many more.

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thx mate will give it a shot .

I think that is better to try it first on your phone because of the bigger screen and later move the maps , your user interface and your profile (in case that you decide to make an account) to your android watch.
I have tried oruxmaps on a friend’s lem x with excellent results . I paired it with an external heart rate monitor (polar oh1) , the gnss tracking was almost accurate although my route was inside a canyon and under big trees . Now I am waiting for my lem14 to come that is supposed to have a more powerfull soc with better eficiency and gnss accuracy. I hope that I helped you.

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