Ressence Type 3 Creadit:

Ressence Type 3


This watch face is made by me in PSP based on the picture of Ressence Type 3 watch.
I had to make a trick with minute’s hand because in original watch this hand and all dials rotate around the center of the watch. It isn’t possible to reproduce this behaviour in our watches. In my version of this watch face the big minute’s hand is faked and a smal hand is added to the hour’s dial.

Another difference is that in the original watch the date ring rotates and current date is at the bottom. In my watch face current date is indicated by small orange circle.

  • top small dial - weeks day (as in original watch)
  • right small diall - battery (in the watch it is oil temperature)
  • bottom small dial - seconds (like in the watch)
  • big dial - hours and minutes - in the watch only hours
  • big minute’s hand - just a picture (fake hand) to be as close to the original watch face as it is possible)



Excellent Job! You were very creative with the tricks you incorporated to make it as close to the original as possible. I actually requested this watch face a few months ago and I was told it could not be done. I’m excited to see some very creative out of the box thinking designers are joining the community. Thanks Again!

Good job, with nice trick Jacek! :+1:

Very impressive :+1:

@Jacek_Klodzinski excellent :slight_smile: Thanks.

Hi Jacek,

Would you be so kind to re-uload this watchface ?

The dowload link is broken, error 404 not found.

Thank you in advance & best regards.

Hm, unfortunately @jacek hasn’t been online for a while. If you’re using Universal Launcher, I could give you a “.watch” version of this watchface that I made a long time ago.

Hi G1NT0N1C,

Thank you verry much for your quick and good intentioned answer.

I tried to use the UL some while a go, but unfortunately i didn’t manage to “get myself in a relationship” with it :joy::joy::joy:

So i’ve uninstelled it and thats it, didn’t used it anymore since than.

Anywsys :grin: i apreciate your good intentions :v:t2::grin::v:t2: & also your work :sunglasses::+1:


Please share

I will be creating a simplified clockskin version in the next few days. I’m going to use the trick that @jacek invented. I will then publish the clockskin version and the “.watch” version together.
Be patient.

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I have build a new version of this watch:
-Ressence Type 3

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Link updated

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