Respect the Thin Blue Line - US Punisher Edition WIP

For those that are former or current US Police, I am showing off what I’ve got so far for my Thin Blue Line tribute. I call it the Thin Blue Line - US Punisher Edition. It will be a fully analog, but I have room for steps and battery %, so I may add that as well. I will be using realistic lighting on the hands, so it WILL require UL…
Anyways, here is the preview:

If any of y’all have any requests for options, please let me know. I will try to do what I can to work with you. I have EMT, Police, and now a fire fighter in my family, so I am totally open to special requests.

Credits to: I don’t know, but visit US Flags - Thin Blue Line, the official site for merch based on the image


It looks cool! Is the skull embossed?

@Louis_Peek Yes. Well, the original image wasn’t, but I added an emboss effect layer and it came out looking pretty cool. I’m in the process of adding a small lcd screen for the power level and a date window. I may do a variant without the power level.


Here’s what it looks like with the lcd and date window:


Me likey! Me wanty! :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

@Louis_Peek, I should be posting sometime soon, hopefully, tonight. Then, I’ll be working on the Wear OS version on Facer and linking it. I am really excited about how this came out.

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Update 7/30/19: Major Upset. My tablet’s LAN card and speaker died and I misplaced my USB stick with all my work, so it may be a few days before I can get to posting the Thin Blue Line face. We are getting a new computer on the 2nd of August, so I should be able to build it back up. If I can find my USB stick, I may be able to post it directly. I originally had the stick on a lanyard, but my kids broke off the dust cover, so it’s been free-floating in my pocket. Anyways, I will post this face as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Check the lint filter in your clothes dryer. :jeans:

[center]Update 8/4/2019:[/center]
Hopefully, the final update. New Computer and new USB stick. I am currently working on building the TBL face back up. Its taking a bit to get it looking like my original work, but I’ll hopefully be posting it really soon. Once I find my original USB, I will be transferring my old work to the new USB. It has a more sturdy build and should better protect my work. Again, I thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Hi Nicholas, congratz with your new pc!

The watchface looks really great and i will hope it will be available for my KW88 Pro or Fenow X3Pro.
By the time it is installed on my watch I will show it at my work …my colleagues will be suprised and exited to see it…

Keep up the good work!!

Greetings, Eric from the Netherlands

@Louis_Peek Thanx. Its an HP…dunno what model. Its labeled as an HP Laptop 15. Celeron Processor, Dual Core. 4GB RAM, 500GB HD. Not a powerhouse, but more than adequate for my work, plus it doesn’t have a detachable keyboard that can fail.

@EricB Thanx, as well. I am pretty sure it will require Universal Launcher, but if not, I usually post a version for both The Kingwear engine(under “KW Engine”) and the Finow Engine(under “X-series”). I still post both versions for UL as well. The KW88 and the X3 have different graphic engines. However, UL should work with both. For some reason, it doesn’t work with the Kospet Hope (Dont know about other models), but it seems to be compatible with just about every other modern smartwatch. It even worked with my Lem5, when I had it charged.

I have an HP laptop too! Very nice!

Last Update: 8/13/19. Really Awesome News. Found my old USB stick. Currently in the process of moving my files from the old one to the new one. With luck, I should be posting the TBL face either tonight or tomorrow.

Where did you find it? Nevermind. :upside_down_face:

It was in the street in front of my house. Dunno how it got there…:thinking:. Anyways, I should be posting the face later today.

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LOL maybe a chipmunk got it!:chipmunk: