Reservoir Longbridge


The shooting-stars of the baselworld 2019: The longbridge-collection from the french manufacturer reservoir. Here comes my favorite of this collection.
A retrograde one hand watch, the hours are displayed in the button window. Simply beautiful.

Credits: - Google Drive


Really nice one :ok_hand: thanks!!!

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Thanks! Nice to see you! :blush:

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Beautiful watch, but does anyone else think the ‘60’ would look better the other way round ???

I didn’t thought about it, because I always try to do a 100% copy. And, by the way, the “00” is upside down, too…:wink:

You’re gooooood, man! Very beautifully awesome. Thank you very much!

Thx! It was an easy job this time, because I found some good pictures…

Thank you Gintonic, can I call you by this name ? You have always helped me in my problem. Very nice and unique watch face, THANK YOU.

You are welcome. I’m glad that you like it.

It’s really beautiful. But it does not work well on my watch. The main needle is not visible. And you do not see the time number inside the box. I have a Lemfo Lem 5. It’s a shame it does not work well.

This face needs Universal Launcher. That’s why I posted it in the section Universal launcher. You can download it at the playstore.

@martinmg I have a lem5 as well. I have universal launcher and most UL faces work fine. Like @G1NT0N1C said, just go on the play store. The version there should be @Eric_Crochemore’s most current.