Requested Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

Requested Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. I kept the clock as basic as possible. No seconds and the triangle remains as was. The entering beam shows the minutes, the rainbow the hours. Just the entering beam and the returning rainbow. During the day, only the angles change, but the basic principle does not. Every look at it offers a different composition, a variation on the theme. It just shows the power and the serenity of the original artwork by George Hardie.

Credits: Hipgnosis Covers, artwork by George Hardie:




Rainbow = minutes
Small sphere = hours
Line = seconds
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Bit confusing, since in mine rainbow is hours and beam is minutes.

@Bruno_Braakhuis LOL
I thought this was a Face Request so i made one.
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I will not post my version.
Yours is (almost) identical.

My version.
missing/deleted image from Google+

this is brilliant

Hello, is it possible to upload this watchface again?


it’s still in his trash so you can still download it by changing the link to this:


Good Lord! Who’d have though?!! “My old @noidremained a Dustman…he wears a Dustmans hat…he wears gor blimey trousers…and he lives in a council flat”!!! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl: Nice retrieval Noid! :+1: :+1: Cheers, “Be careful what you throw out in the Dustbin Kiddies”! :rofl:, Doons

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thanks, it worked!