Requested by +Roberto Martins an other L&JR replica.

Requested by +Roberto Martins an other L&JR replica. Smal dial on the left is power counterclockwise when between 25 and 20 u have 75% at 15 u have 50% , between 05 and 10 u have 25% power. Small Dial right just for decoration has a 24h dial but doesnt mach the number on the dial its just there to move :slight_smile: Small dial 6 oclock is seconds. This version works on both series with stocklauncher! Left Picture is my version.
As usual have fun and enjoy!
Ps.: Cant help myself but this face looks like a Gremmlin to me hehehe


Many thanks, it was wonderful you are one of the best developers I know, your work of art was spectacular, it really looks like a gremimlin hahahahaha, thank you!

@Roberto_Martins Oh thanks for the kind words mate really nice to hear. Enjoy Greets!

doesn’t work lem pro 5

don’t work the clock lem pro 5

@dmitry_osipov Hi whats the problem? can you describe it? Greets!

@Jurgen_Oberst hour hand which on each side

@dmitry_osipov can you post a picture of the problem please? Greets

LOL… it’s an electronic Gremmlin, for me two. eheheh. Greets

@Frederico_Filipe_Ros hehe was my first impression when looked at it on my watch. Funny :joy: Greets

@Jurgen_Oberst I just loaded this on to my Kospet and I have to admit that every time I look at it…I want to ask it what the joke is?! But a nice one mate! Cheers, Doons