Requested by Luigi Pachì : IWC World Timer Credit: Download: for Universal Launcher:

Requested by @Luigi_Pachi :
IWC World Timer


for Universal Launcher:

for Stock Launcher:


Have this in Dropbox?..

Great job @Jacek_Klodzinski ! I will try it ASAP.

Skin added. It looks fantastic @Jacek_Klodzinski . The only problem I see is that DATE shows 01, instead of 06 (today). Any idea why?

@Luigi_Pachi Did you use correct version? One version is for Universal Launcher…

@Jacek_Klodzinski Thank you very much for clarifing it.
I’ll try the stock launcher.

@Jacek_Klodzinski I love very much this skin you have done. I need to place the 24 hour dial one hour back, because now it shows the time as if I am in London, while I am in Italy (same time of Paris). I tried to change the first line of the file clock-skin.xml (7) placing a different number instead of 7, but I am not able find the right solution. Can you please help me? Thank you in advance!

@Jacek_Klodzinski I think I solved. I just moved back by 15° the 24 hour-ring. :wink:

@Luigi_Pachi Exactly! It is the right solution.

@Jacek_Klodzinski Yes, yes… It works perfectly! Thanks again.

Just tried it. Very cool.
I’m in Portugal, time is correct to local. LA, New York are correct but others are off by an hour. Such as Bangkok, Dubai, Hawaii

How could some be correct and others off? Daylight savings?

Looks like the link is broken now. Anyone have it to share? For UL.

Links updated